FAQs: The Affordable Care Act and Medicare

  • I’ve been hearing a lot about premium increases for health plans under the ACA. Will my Generations Advantage plan premium be going up because of this?
    Your Generations Advantage plan premium amount is completely unrelated to premiums charged under the ACA. These are separate health plan programs with distinct funding structures.

  • If the ACA is repealed, will I lose my Generations Advantage coverage?
    Your Generations Advantage plan is a Medicare Advantage plan that Martin’s Point offers through a direct contract with Medicare. It is NOT offered through the ACA’s health plan exchanges. Your eligibility for Medicare is not affected by the ACA and you will not lose your coverage if the ACA is repealed.

  • If the ACA is repealed, will it affect my Generations Advantage coverage in any way?
    It is impossible to predict if or how a repeal of the ACA would affect other health care programs. However, because the Generations Advantage plan is not part of the ACA or offered through the ACA’s health plan exchanges, a repeal of the ACA would not necessarily affect your Generations Advantage plan or any other Medicare program.

  • Given the uncertainty of the future of the ACA, would it be safer for me to change to a Medicare Supplement, or Original Medicare, rather than stick with my MA plan?
    Medicare Advantage, original Medicare, and the Medicare Supplement plans are all offered under a separate set of laws that are completely distinct from the ACA.  We have no reason to believe that any Medicare program, including Medicare Advantage, original Medicare, or a Medicare Supplement plan, might be safer or more secure than any other Medicare program.

If you have additional questions, please contact a Generations Advantage representative.

Prospective Members call: 1-800-603-0652 (TTY: 771)

Current Members call: 1-866-544-7504 (TTY: 771)

If you would like to learn more about Medicare and the ACA, please visit Medicare’s website at www.Medicare.gov.

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