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Join Us to Learn About Medicare, Retirement, and Wellness!

Generation U is your go-to source for senior planning. From making sense of Medicare to fitness and financials, we provide education on a range of topics to help guide our patients and members as they plan for this important time in your life. Whether they are approaching retirement, or caring for a loved one who is, we’re here to help give them the information they need so they can make the decisions that are best for their health.

Medicare Basics and Generations Advantage!

Medicare Made Simple
Confused about Medicare? This session breaks it down into easy-to-understand basics. Learn about Parts A, B, C, D, the “donut hole,” Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and more!

Generations Advantage Sales Seminar
Turning 65, or already on Medicare but curious about Generations Advantage plans? This session will help you learn if a Medicare Advantage plan from Martin’s Point may be right for you!

Light refreshments will be served.

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