Medicare Advantage Plans 2020

We have great plans for you!

At Martin’s Point Health Care, we believe a health plan has one purpose—to support your health so you can live your best life. We’re proud to offer high-quality Medicare Advantage plans designed to do just that.

We invite you to learn more about our plans and discover how a Generations Advantage plan can help you live your best life.



All Generations Advantage plans include coverage for:

  • Doctor and Hospital Visits
  • $0 Preventive Screenings/Care including
    Annual Physical Exam!
  • Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum
  • Urgent Care Nationwide
  • Emergency Care Worldwide
  • Routine Vision Exam
  • No Medical/Hospital Deductibles
  • Hearing Aids
  • Over-the-Counter Items
  • Wellness Wallet Reimbursements
    • Fitness Services and Equipment
    • Eyewear and Contact Lenses*
    • Nutrition, Dietary, and Weight Management
    • Acupuncture and Naturopathic Services

*Value plan has a separate eyewear benefit

Prime (HMO-POS)

Our most popular plan! Prime offers complete medical, hospital, and prescription drug coverage with low copayments for in-network services. The Point of Service (POS) benefit allows you to see out-of-network providers for designated services. All this, plus comprehensive dental coverage!

Flex (RPPO)

Flexibility in provider choice and affordability! You pay in-network cost shares for any provider who participates in Medicare throughout the Maine and New Hampshire service area. You may pay more if you use out-of-network providers outside the service area, except in emergency or urgent care situations.

Select (LPPO)

Wide choice of providers! If you're looking for flexibility in choosing your health care provider, choose the Select plan. The Select plan offers complete medical, hospital, and prescription drug coverage and you can see out-of-network providers for all covered services, with the option to pay less if you see in-network doctors.

Value Plus (HMO)

Affordable in-network coverage plus Part D drug benefits!  Value Plus offers comprehensive in-network medical and hospital benefits plus Part D coverage with low monthly premium. 

Value (HMO)

Affordable in-network coverage!  The Value plan offers comprehensive in-network medical and hospital benefits at a $0 premium. This plan does not include Part D prescription drug coverage and is an excellent choice if you already have prescription drug coverage through TRICARE, the VA, or an employer plan. This plan offers rich supplemental benefits. 

Focus DC (HMO SNP)

Focused on diabetes care! Focus DC, designed for people living with diabetes, includes complete medical, hospital, and prescription drug coverage with $0 copays for in-network diabetes-related specialist visits, extra coverage through the Part D coverage gap, and enhanced care management. Available in Cumberland County only.

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