Additional Benefits


Hearing Aid—offered through AMPLIFON covers hearing aids, fittings, batteries, and more
Medical Alert—discount through LIFESTATION covers device and monitoring
Dental Services—offered through DELTA DENTAL covers enhanced preventive and basic dental

Wellness Wallet—Don’t forget about your Wellness Wallet reimbursement benefit! Covers fitness memberships and equipment, acupuncture and naturopathic services, and now nutrition/dietary and weight management programs Dietary Services—offered through GOOD MEASURES covers a registered dietitian coach and support app (now reimbursable through the Wellness Wallet benefit!)


Over-the-Counter (OTC) Items—offered through CVS/CAREMARK covers up to $25 per month
(choose from over 150 items) If you have questions about a benefit offered through our partner vendors—AMPLIFON,
using the phone numbers in the enclosed materials. If you have general questions about your
Generations Advantage benefits, please call us at 1-866-544-7504 (TTY: 711). We’re available 8
am–8 pm, seven days a week from October 1 to March 31; and Monday through Friday the rest of
the year.


For ALL Plan Members
Discounts on hearing aids, batteries, fittings, and more. See enclosed document for details.


For ALL Plan Members
Discounts on medical alert devices and monitoring:
• Your choice of an in-home system (landline or cellular that can be used only in the home) or a mobile system with location services which can be used outside of the home
• Discounted monthly cost ranging from $19.95–29.95, depending on the unit (approximately 25% off regular consumer pricing)
• Fall-detection option available for an additional fee (automatically alerts LIFESTATION that you have fallen, even if you do not press the emergency button)
• Product warranty on all service plans (a $5 per month value at no charge)
• Spousal coverage available on all in-home units (a $3.99 per month value at no charge)


For Prime, Value, and Focus DC Plan Members
1-800-832-5700 (TTY: 1-800-332-5905)
Coverage for enhanced preventive and basic dental services:
• $40 copay per visit for enhanced preventive and basic dental services
• In addition to the Medicare-covered dental services, the following in-network enhanced preventive and basic dental services are covered:
• Oral exam and routine cleaning once in a 12-month period (fluoride not included)
• Problem-focused exams as needed 
• Bitewing X-rays every 24 months and panoramic X-rays once in 60-month period
• X-rays of individual teeth as needed
• Surgical and routine extractions (Anesthesia not included)
• Emergency relief of pain
• Members must use a Delta Dental PPO/Martin’s Point Generations Advantage network dentist located in Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont to obtain these benefits.
• To find out if your dentist participates in the Delta Dental PPO/Martin’s Point Generations Advantage dental network, please use the Delta Dental Dentist Search tool, or call the Delta Dental Customer Service Department at 1-800-832-5700
(TTY: 1-800-332-5905) Monday through Friday, 8 am–4:45 pm.


For Select, Value, and Focus DC Plan Members
1-888-628-2770 (TTY: 1-877-672-2688)
9 am–8 pm, Monday through Friday
Monthly amount to purchase select CVS brand over-the-counter products:
• Members receive $25 per month to purchase from over 150 CVS brand, over-the-counter products, including nonprescription medicine (pain relief, cough, allergies), toothpaste, first aid items, and vitamins. All items must be for the member’s use only.
• The $25 may be used in a single transaction or in multiple transactions
each month. Transaction amounts cannot exceed a total of $25 monthly.
• Unused monthly allowances are forfeited (do not roll over into the next month).
• Order online or over the phone for mailorder delivery, or purchase items in person at participating CVS stores:
• In-store purchases: Select your qualifying items, then present your Generations Advantage member ID card at the CVS store register. The transaction will be processed through the CVS system.
NOTE: Members are responsible for the balances of qualifying OTC purchases that exceed the $25 allowance.
• Online or over-the-phone purchases:
Visit to place your order online. Call 1-888-628-2770 (TTY: 1-877-672-2688) to order by phone.
• To find participating store locations, a list of eligible products, and phone/
online ordering information, please visit

Wellness Wallet

For ALL Plan Members
Reimbursement benefit usable for fitness services and equipment, naturopathic services, acupuncture, nutritional/dietary education, and weight management programs:
• Yearly reimbursement amounts by plan:
Focus DC—up to $450; Prime—up to $400; Value—up to $350; Value Plus—up to $300; Select and Flex—up to $200
• Reimbursements cover:
• Fitness Services and Equipment »»Includes fees for fitness club membership, personal trainer, fitness classes, and nonrecreational at-home fitness equipment used to promote health (for example treadmills, stationary bikes, and weights)
NOTE: For annual gym/fitness memberships that extend across parts of two calendar years (for example, July 2019–June 2020)—the membership will be paid in full (up to your plan’s limit) from your 2019 Wellness Wallet balance. If your 2019 Wellness Wallet balance does not cover the entire membership cost and you are enrolled in a 2020 plan with a
Wellness Wallet benefit, you may use your 2020 Wellness Wallet amount to cover the remaining cost. You will need to resubmit a reimbursement request in 2020 to cover that remaining cost.
• Acupuncture and Naturopathic Services
»»Includes seeing a licensed naturopathic doctor providing immunizations, some counseling, manipulative therapy, and dietary therapy (homeopathy and
hypnotherapy not included)
• Nutrition, Dietary, and Weight Management
»»Includes general nutritional education through classes and/or individual counseling

You can use your Wellness Wallet to cover twelve months of nutrition counseling through Good Measures!

Good Measure

1-833-733-1163 provides dietary services through a registered dietitian and access to tools which help you make positive changes in your eating and exercise behavior. Based on inputs from you and your registered dietitian, the Good Measures tools continuously generate meal and snack suggestions that address your unique nutritional needs.
• You can communicate with your registered dietitian by phone, email, text, or video.
• Members with a confirmed diagnosis of prediabetes or diabetes may be eligible for a program through Good Measures at no cost.
• Call Good Measures at
1-833-733-1163 to learn more.