Additional Benefits - 2020

Thank you for choosing Martin’s Point Generations Advantage for your 2020 Medicare plan. We hope you’ve had a healthy start to the new year, and we look forward to helping you stay as healthy as you can be throughout the year. That’s why we’re especially excited to remind you that we’ve added new benefits to our 2020 Generations Advantage plans designed to support you and your well-being.

Additional information about these new benefits can be found by clicking on the buttons below.

For ALL Plan Members

Hearing Aids
For ALL Plan Members
Coverage for hearing aids, batteries, fittings, and more.
For  more information, call Amplifon at: 1-855-533-7486

Medical Alert Devices
For ALL Plan Members
Discounts on medical alert devices and monitoring.
For  more information, call LifeStation at: 1-866-220-0934

Nutirtion Counseling
For ALL Plan Members
You can use your Wellness Wallet to cover twelve months of nutrition counseling through Good Measures!
For  more information, call Good Measures at: 1-833-733-1163

Wellness Wallet
For ALL Plan Members
Reimbursement benefit usable for fitness services and equipment, naturopathic services, acupuncture, nutritional/dietary education, and weight management programs.

Over The Counter
For ALL Plan Members Monthly amount to purchase select CVS brand over-the-counter products. For more information call OTC Health Solutions at: 1-888-628-2770 (TTY: 1-877-672-2688)

For Prime, Value, Flex, and Focus DC Plan Members

Dental Benefits Button
For Prime, Value, Flex and Focus DC Plan Members

Coverage for comprehensive dental services.
For more information, call Delta Dental at: 1-800-832-5700 (TTY: 1-800-332-5905)

For Value Plan Members

Additional Benefits for Value Plan Members

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