Hearing Aids Offered Through Amplifon

All Generations Advantage plans will offer a hearing aid benefit. Martin’s Point is committed to helping our members get the hearing care they need at a considerable savings!

The benefit includes two hearing aids: Two hearing aids (one per ear) per year. Members will pay a copay per hearing aid device. Copays vary based on the type of hearing aid selected and member plan.

  • Two years of free hearing aid batteries 
  • One year of free follow-up care for hearing aid fittings and evaluations 
  • 3-year warranty on hearing devices 
Financing options may be available for members.

Hearing Aid Copays (per ear)*

Tier 1 Hearing Aids: $0–595

Tier 2 Hearing Aids: $95–695

Tier 3 Hearing Aids: $295–895

*The copays listed are for hearing aids offered through the Martin's Point-Amplifon Three-Tier program. Based on your lifestyle and hearing loss, your provider may recommend other buy-up options best suited to meet your individual needs. If you choose a device offered through a buy-up option, you will be responsible for the remaining cost of the hearing aid device after the Martin’s Point benefit has been applied. Both the copay tiers and the buy-up options provide you with significant savings and all the services outlined above.

Using your benefit is easy!

  1. Call Amplifon at 1-888-669-2167 (TTY: 1-763-268-4264) between the hours of 8 am–8 pm, Monday through Friday and Amplifon will find a hearing aid provider near you. 
  2. Amplifon will explain the process and help you schedule your appointment. 
  3. Amplifon will send information to you and the provider, ensuring your discount is applied.

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